Best Hang On Back Skimmer

Finding the Best Hang On Back Skimmer. We have listed the top collection of Hang On Back Skimmer Available in the Market. check out the list below.

Best Hang On Back Skimmer

Macro Aqua M-50 Mini Hang-on External Protein Skimmer, 60 Gallon

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  • High quality protein skimmer for up to 60 gallon tank (depends on stocking)
  • Small hang-on back skimmer; Water Flow: 238gph
  • Effectively eliminates organic waste. Simply remove the collection cup to dispose tank waste
  • Easy to install and operate. No priming required
  • Needle-to-wheel impeller - increases air to water contact

AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer

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  • AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 protein skimmers is easy to setup and maintain. Just move the collection cup up or down to adjust the foam level to wet or dry.
  • Efficient, durable and reliable, Simple to set up and operate, Cell-cast acrylic construction
  • Dimension : L 7.5 x W 3.5 x H 17 Inch, Fits aquarium rims up to 3/4" thick, Requires approximately 4" of clearance to remove collection cup, Filtration Rating: up to 90 Gallons (light bioload) or 60 Gallons (heavy bioload)
  • Pump: AquaMaxx SHARK 1.0 (modified and upgraded Italian Sicce pump)
  • Pump power consumption: 11 Watts Outlet size: 3/4 Inch Minimum tank height 10-7/8"

Reef Octopus BH90 Hang on Protein Skimmer

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Part NumberRee-3215

Protein Skimmers for Saltwater Aquariums, Hang On Back Protein Skimmer for Fish Tanks up to 80 Gallons, DC Pinwheel Pump

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as of January 9, 2022 6:39 pm


  • DC pinwheel pump. Safety Assurance. High Efficiency. Energy Saving. Ultra Quiet.
  • Graphite shaft cover. Durable wear resistance. Low DB Operation. Needle wheel impeller generates fine and smooth bubbles.
  • Integrated molded cast acrylic skimmer body. Solid construction and long-life service.
  • Rotate the skimmer body to reach the desired water level. More flexible and better reaction.
  • 3 inches diameter skimmer body. Space saving. More practical. Either for Hang-on or in sump use.

Protein Skimmers for Saltwater Aquariums, Hang On Back Protein Skimmer for Fish Tanks up to 75 Gallons, 11 watts AC pinwheel pump, water flow adjustable

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as of January 9, 2022 6:39 pm


  • This IOAOI protein skimmer is perfect for small aquariums filtering. The skimmer body is small and it doesn’t take up too much space. But the pinwheel pump will generate enough bubbles to make your tank crystal clear.
  • Special cavity design helps to generate much richer bubbles. And it could prevent the bubbles/foam from returning, and could also provide long contact time between water and air, which makes the protein skimmer obtain better performance.
  • 11Watts pinwheel water AC pump adopts advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Constructed of high-quality cast acrylic to guarantee long life. The cup can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Foot Print/Height: 6.3*5.3/16.8 in. Power: 11 Watts. Volt: 120V 60Hz. Make sure the pump is fully submerged.

Coralife Super Skimmer with Pump, up to 65 gallons

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  • Patented needle wheel aspiration system
  • Wide neck collection cup with easy twist feature for effortless cleaning
  • Dual injection inlets increase bubble/water contact time
  • Bubble production diffuser to prevent the flow of micro-bubbles into main aquarium
  • Can be used in sump or with hang on mounting bracket

AQQA Aquariums Power Filter 5-10 Gallon,2W External Hang On Fish Tank Sponge Filter with Surface Skimmer,Adjustable Flowrate 3-Step Filtration Cascade for Freshwater Saltwater Fish Tank(A-Set)

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as of January 9, 2022 6:39 pm


  • 【Upgrade Power Sponge Filter】No need air pump, strong horse-power 2W 80GPH, can quickly purify fish tank water quality.waterfall type water flow design,Not only increase the aesthetics of the fish tank, but also increase the dissolved oxygen.External hang on by the fish tank,take up less space in the fish tank, leaving more room for the fish.
  • 【3-Step Filtration】The biochemical sponge at the water inlet prevents the inhalation of sand and fish.The inhaled water carries fish poop and other impurities,It passes through a layer of biochemical sponge, a layer of activated carbon media, and a layer of professional filter cotton to achieve the function of evolving water quality.The filter layer can be replaced, and the store has separate filter layer for sale.
  • 【Set with Oil Surface Skimmer】surface skimmer can be assembled freely, installed or removed.Our surface skimmer no need to adjust according to the water surface, it will automatically float on the water surface, change according to the water level change, remove the impurities and oil surface on the water surface.If it is not needed, just plug the installation hole.
  • 【Adjustable Water Pipe+Extended Pipes】The length of the water pipe can be adjusted freely to adapt to fish tanks of various heights,With extension tube, it can be installed freely according to the height of the fish tank.Outer water tank with level governor,Used to adapt to the thickness of different fish tanks and keep the filter vertical.
  • 【Precautions Before Use】Our filter is very quiet and the noise is less than 30db,Please fill the water tank with water before use to drive the water pump to pump water.When you start to use it, if there is air in the water pipe, it will make some noise. When the air in the water pipe is discharged, it will be very quiet.We have a one-year warranty, please contact us if you have any questions.

Reef Octopus Classic BH-2000 Protein Skimmer

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as of January 9, 2022 6:39 pm


  • For aquariums up to 208 gallons
  • Pump: Aquatrance 2000 Pinwheel
  • Footprint: 10" X 4", 21" tall
  • Installation: Hang-on
  • Adjustable surface skimmer attachment

TARARIUM Aquarium Power Filter with Surface Skimmer Silent Hang on Back Fish Tank Filter Multi-Filtration 20-55 Gallon for Saltwater& Freshwater 158GPH Large Tank Filter System (HBL701-Filter)

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as of January 9, 2022 6:39 pm


  • 【Crystal Clear】 Make the cloudy fish tank clean and crystal clear. This aquarium filter does a wonderful job of keeping the water clean and crystal clear. This filter can reduce the number of water changes in your large fish tank, forming a filtration cycle system.
  • 【Surface Skimmer】 The aquarium water filter comes with surface skimmer filter, which automatically adjusts the height or rotation according to the water level and clean the water, providing a comfortable and clean living environment for your beloved fish.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】 This whisper filter includes a filter body, water inlet pipe fittings*1, surface skimmer fittings*1, connecting pipe fittings*1, filter cotton*2, activated carbon filter plate*2. Suitable for 20-55 gallon aquarium, 158GPH. You can watch the installation video on the listing. if you can’t install it, please contact the mailbox on the box! We will reply within 24 hours. Please add more than half of the water in the filter canister before use.
  • 【Quiet Working】 This fish tank filter is very quiet when it is working, the sound of the engine is less than 40 decibels when it is working, and only the sound of water flowing can be heard.
  • 【1 Year warranty】 We offer you a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. After you receive the fish tank canister filter (filtro para pecera), if you are not satisfied with our filtered fish tank in any way, please contact the email on the box. We will provide a satisfactory solution for you.

CPR Aquatic AquaFuge 2 Large Hang-on Refugium (AF2LG)

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as of January 9, 2022 6:39 pm


  • hang on the back
  • refugium

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